Negotiation Trainings

Experience the Real Deal

CENAD’s portfolio of experiential trainings is specifically relevant for junior-mid-senior level professionals looking to challenge themselves, improve their performance and enhance their professional negotiation agility & mindset.  They are mostly delivered in-service, in-country.

Learning experiences are highly engaging, real and life-changing: participants grow beyond their comfort zones, deepen their knowledge and develop keener mindsets through customised interactive negotiation simulation role-plays, case studies and practical exercises, all followed by in-depth analysis and personalised expert feedback (with video playback).

Coaching and mentoring are an essential part of CENAD’s DNA. Our team of highly experienced trainers are constantly available to provide participants with personal and individual support and counsel throughout.

Duration:     Courses are of flexible duration, usually 1 – 5 full-time days.

Venues:       In-country, In-service and/or some Brussels Open Programmes

Online:         Upon request

CENAD’s DNA and life-long passion is to Teach • Equip • Empower • Coach

Learn how to negotiate in the new meetings reality

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Public – Open Programmes in Brussels

Annually, CENAD offers several open programmes (open registration) full-day training courses in Brussels throughout the year.Target Audiences: EU Administrators, Member State officials, Diplomats, Corporate, Public Affairs, INGO and NGO representatives.

International Negotiation & Diplomacy

International negotiations and diplomacy go hand in hand when pure power cannot impose a one-sided preferred outcome.

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EU Negotiations

The EU’s unique negotiation machinery balances collective interests, national priorities and the objective of reaching agreements everyone must ultimately live with; good negotiators make this happen.

EU Council Presidencies

Member states’ rotating 6-month Council Presidencies are windows of opportunity and key to moving EU legislative files forward in conjunction with EU institutional partners: working party chairs do a huge amount of the work.

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Humanitarian Negotiation

Humanitarian negotiators are agile and innovative in facing negotiation and conflict-management challenges in structured and/or ad hoc environments with multilevel counterparts, rarely benefiting from great leverage and enough time.

Mediation & Conflict Management

Mediation and conflict management require third – party practitioners possessing very strong negotiation skills as they operate in adversarial environments.

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Communication & Public Speaking

The ability to communicate effectively is a core requirement of professional manager – negotiator – leaders.

Meeting Skills and Joint Decision-Making

Worldwide on average, staff attend 62 meetings every month: developing the ability to perform efficiently and effectively in internal and external meeting environments, making a difference and making these meetings work for you and the organisation is self-explanatory.



Report Writing

Meetings, face-to-face or technologically facilitated, consume enormous time and human resources. Capturing what one has learned and presenting this to higher authority or for institutional memory in an accurate, focused, reliable and timely manner is a fundamental professional skill.

Business diplomacy

Corporate negotiators can learn from diplomatic negotiation practice when managing change in rapidly disrupted environments when motivating qualified but disoriented staff to become more innovative and pro-active when pure authority is insufficient.

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policy dialogue

Policy Dialogue

Tailor-made Trainings:

  • Negotiating Policy Dialogue
  • Matching Tools with Policy Processes and Cycles
  • Documenting and Evaluating Policy Dialogue

Consulting and Advisory services:

  • High-level personal 1-to-1 coaching
  • Consulting and advisory services for concerned parties involved in ongoing negotiations
  • Mediation
  • Facilitation
  • Training of Trainers
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