International & EU Negotiations

Remote & In-person Strategies & Skills

Online Negotiation Training 2021

For diplomats, civils servants, business & civil society representatives

2 Full Days : 09.00-16.30 (CET)    max. 15 persons    € 299 p/p (+VAT)

2H dates:

    6-7 July  /  4-5 Oct  /  2-3 Dec

Upgrading negotiation skills is more important than ever!


CENAD’s interactive blended learning, filmed real-world simulation role-plays, in-depth analysis & personalised video feedback.


COVID has permanently changed negotiation modalities so international negotiators need to operate remotely as well as in-person.

Improve what?

  • Making your interests and votes count!
  • Negotiating bi- & multilaterally via virtual platforms and realities
  • Meeting skills: chairing, lobbying, taking the floor, & more
  • Finetune greater self-confidence with diplomatic & political acumen
  • Leveraging analysis & interpersonal know-how to influence results