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Online interactive Negotiation Training &

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Gain practical skills through an immersive methodology

Cooperation and Negotiation go hand in glove. But the luxury of time is absent: COVID and its fallout has imposed news tools and patterns. Negotiating vital solutions demands upgrading one’s negotiation skills as never before to negotiate deals that work.

Learn how to negotiate in the new meetings reality

Partner with CENAD

CENAD delivers in-person, online or hybrid trainings:



  • International Negotiations & Diplomacy
  • Humanitarian Negotiation
  • Policy Dialogue
  • Business Diplomacy
  • EU Negotiations
  • EU Council Presidencies
  • Demystifying EU Processes & Cultures
  • Mediation & Conflict Management
  • Communication & Public Speaking
  • Meeting & Chairing Skills
  • Report Writing

Numerous alternative price formulas can be developed according to duration, number of participants, 1-on-1 coaching, etc. Please call or email and we will explore options with you.

The fee for these 2-day trainings is €3900 (+VAT)



  • 6-12 participants (you find them, we train them)
  • Training dates according to client/CENAD availability
  • All matters of training materials and Zoom hosting

CENAD Negotiations training is the perfect partner to acquire new practical skills using our immersive online methodology

International & EU Negotiations
Open Courses

Remote & In-person Strategies & Skills

2 Full Days:               9-16.30h (CET)   

299€      per pers. (+VAT)        

small groups

2H dates 2021:  

6 – 7 Jul / 4-5 Oct / 2-3 Dec


After this 2-day intensive training, participants will have improved their skill-sets to better use EU27 and international  meeting/negotiation dynamics and enhanced their negotiation mastery, capabilities and expertise, as the world  negotiates its new equilibriums in virtual circumstances

Consulting and Advisory services:

Consulting and advisory services for concerned parties involved in ongoing negotiations

Private 1-to-1 coaching

CENAD consultants have consulted privately for numerous politicians, senior civil servants and managers.

  • Absolute discretion
  • Negotiation support
  • Strategic and tactical advice