Centre for Experiential Negotiation and Applied Diplomacy

Online Interactive Training

International & EU Negotiations

Strategies & Skills for Remote & In-person Negotiating

2 days:        9-16h*            small groups         345€ per pers.   (+VAT)  

3-4 Sept, 26-27 Oct, 23-24 Nov, 10-11 Dec 2020

11-12 January 2021

Online interactive experiential training, strategies & tactics for virtual & in-person negotiations. Blended online 2-day seminar workshop to energise the expertise of negotiators at all levels who must adapt, innovate and blossom in their new negotiation workplaces.

Learn how to negotiate in the new working reality

You will learn:

how to negotiate in new formats and realities

how to take advantage of the new International & EU negotiation configurations

how to make views, voices and votes count

how to become a real “player” in various negotiation settings and environments

how to maximise influence and make a difference



2 highly interactive days, will build on and improve your negotiation skills for our new world. With CENAD you achieve greater self-confidence, proficiency & competence

CENAD Negotiations training is the perfect partner to acquire new practical skills using our immersive online methodology

Europe and Negotiation go hand in glove. But the luxury of time is absent: 2020-2021 will be crucial for EU27 and multilateralism. Weathering COVID 19 and its aftermath has already imposed new forms of working together, cooperating as well as overcoming disagreement. Negotiating the required solutions makes upgrading one’s negotiation skills more important than ever.

Covid ALERT : all open in-person programmes are replaced by online, remote sessionsmore