CENAD provides international experiential negotiation training

for practitioners,

to perform effectively in bilateral and multilateral environments


Diplomats, National, International, Institutional, Business & Civil Society Representatives 

Gain practical skills through an immersive methodology

We empower you with implementable skills and personalised action plans respectful of Intercultural and institutional workplace realities

Negotiation Trainings

Our portfolio of negotiation trainings is specifically relevant for junior-mid-senior level professionals looking to challenge themselves, improve their performance and enhance their negotiation agility & mindset.

CENAD is a leading consulting firm highly specialized in the field of international and EU, diplomatic and humanitarian negotiation processes

Our passion and life-long mission is peaceful resolution and cooperation through negotiation. We equip and empower public sector national and institutional public servants, diplomats, civil society and any private sector business professionals and decision makers with the essential competence, skills and techniques to effectively influence bilateral and multi-party negotiated results leading to greater “real world” successes.

CENAD’s associates are hugely accomplished training professionals committed to promoting good governance through quality-driven human resource development and negotiation capacity building; they provide qualitative, practical and implementable solutions with focused guidance for those wanting to become better negotiators.

CENAD consultants have provided coaching services and support for numerous politicians, senior officials and senior management.                 info@cenad.org

To create positive change, we must cooperate, co-create and collaborate better. To shape the future and make a positive difference in the world, active and agile learning experiences set you up for personal & professional success

An Integrative Training Experience

CENAD provides premium learning tools, techniques and guidance through its experiential training methodology – leading to negotiation performance know-how, self-confidence and soft skills development, while providing immediate operational experience and implementable real-world solutions.

Our applied and integrative methodology has a 3-decade track record: its “practical immersion” and “learning by doing” framework internalises the specific mind-set, concepts and techniques favorable to the efficient management of negotiation processes.

The learning experience delivered by CENAD is highly challenging, real and life changing. Participants grow beyond their comfort zones, deepen their knowledge and develop a keener negotiation mindset through customized negotiation simulation role-plays, in-depth expert analysis and individual feedback.

Challenge yourself with the real deal. Join us for a life-changing experience.

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