Management & Meeting Skills

Behaviour largely promotes effective negotiations – good negotiator behaviours are linked to emotional competencies of self-awareness, self-management, awareness of others and taking appropriate action.

Good negotiator behaviours should include – demonstrating a first rate understanding of the subject, excellent listening and presentation skills, awareness of process, effective use of questions, efficient use of empathy, successful use of labelling behaviours, the ability to check understanding by questions and summaries, to “read” where possible progress can be made, and the ability to work effectively in informal and formal meetings and finally, to appreciate the effectiveness of each.

Teaching Methodology

These highly interactive workshops provide participants with relevant examples and exercises which help expand their interpersonal management skills to a much higher degree.

Tailor-made Trainings:

  • Report writing
  • Interpersonal abilities
  • Strategy Implementation
  • Team-Development and Group Facilitation
  • Leadership: Fine-tuning Emotional & Cultural Intelligence
  • Team-Development and Group Facilitation
  • Curriculum Development and Didactic Support