International Negotiation & Diplomatic Training

International negotiations are constituted by multi-layered meeting processes which in their sum comprise the negotiation process(es) as such: participation and representation must go far beyond substantive knowledge and competence.

By developing a personal negotiator’s toolbox which afterwards grows with every meeting/negotiation experience, real-world negotiators put their best foot forward as international negotiators performing to the highest standards and levels of professional excellence.

Teaching Methodology

With a ‘learning by doing’ method, seminars are highly participatory with a mix of presentations and simulation exercises.

Various negotiating forums encountered in International negotiation contexts and their institutional frameworks will be emphasized.

Video recording and analysis with personal feedback are central to all trainings.

Tailor-made Trainings:

  • Negotiation Techniques
  • The Art of Compromise, Mediation and Conflict Resolution
  • Applied Skills for Efficiency and Influence Conduct of Meeting (Chairing and Presidency Techniques)
  • Negotiating Project & Change Management
  • Fine-tuning Meeting Skills
  • Humanitarian Negotiations
  • UN: WHO, ILO, Climate Change, UNHCR


Participants will be better equipped to plan for and conduct their future “real-world” meetings, with enhanced negotiating skills and improved self-confidence

  • Better identify and utilize strategies and tactics available to the parties around the table
  • Appreciate the potential relevant to bilateral and multilateral meetings
  • Improve efficiency of process management in handling complex substantive issues
  • Promote constructive participation in order to make progress and reach decisions
  • Appreciate the fundamental importance of meeting “structural components”
  • Prepare, coordinate and operate efficiently in institutional settings
  • Learn to structure and optimize “informality”