Communication Skills

The objective of this training is to introduce participants to effective oral communication by identifying and improving their existing skills.

This highly interactive seminar is designed to help professionals take their communication capacities to a higher level through short lectures, discussions, individual and group tasks, speeches, filming and reviewing of video material.

Teaching Methodology

Workshops providing participants with relevant examples and exercises.

Participants will work individually (or in small groups) on their texts, present their productions.

This will be followed by group discussion and individual feedback from the trainer. Some exercises are video-taped and individually debriefed.

Tailor-made Trainings:

  • Presentation Skills and Public Speaking
  • Communication Skills
  • Cultural Orientation
  • Intercultural Leadership
  • Persuasion: The Science and Art of Effective Influence
  • Drafting within Institutional Frameworks


This training programme will bring participants to:

  • Smoothly give a presentation and communicate in formal and informal environments
  • Read efficiently
  • Understand and be better understood
  • Communicate more efficiently in daily work environments
  • Convey their ideas
  • Convince and persuade
  • Adapt to their audience(s)