CENAD seminars are by nature highly practical, interactive and tailor-made for practitioners closely associated with line ministries and foreign affairs, EU institutions, international organisations, universities, civil society and industry. Trainings take place in English and/or French and German, and with interpretation on a needs basis.

Skills-based CENAD “practical immersion” seminars are of a flexible duration and usually range from 1 to 5 days. The greatest portion of seminar time is used to conduct and then immediately analyse the negotiation simulation exercises, which are video recorded. They put each participant in chairing and/or delegate role on a rotating basis. Breaks (lunches and coffee) are fully integrated as seminar time for opportunities for informal consultations and lobbying.

“Learning by doing”

The selective and personalised video analysis and feedback are an essential part of this training for the simple reason that people learn more, more quickly and with greater lasting impact when performing and then immediately receiving expert feedback.

Since “people are different”, video replay allows each participant to receive de facto personalized coaching.

CENAD puts great emphasis in the quality of its debriefings and feedback. Whereas simulating is standard practice, with CENAD the use of time means a 1 : 2 ratio, i.e. for a 1-hour exercise, at least 2 hours are spent in post-analysis and reinforcement.

Tailor-made approach

  • Custom-made simulation cases

  • Practical immersion seminars

  • “Learning by doing” approach

  • Video recording simulations – central to all trainings!

  • Personal debriefing