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Public Speaking & Presentation Skills for EU Meetings , Brussels – 10-11 September 2019

This training is designed for professionals involved in EU Negotiations wishing to fine-tune & improve their public speaking & presentation skills for EU meetings.

Venue: Brussels, Schuman District

Schedule: 09:00 – 17:00

Price: €480 (VAT incl.)

Why participate?

After this two-day intensive training, participants will have built up their skill-sets to improve their oral communication mastery, capabilities and expertise. Participants will have the unique opportunity to directly apply theoretical concepts during a series of simulation exercises. They will leave the training room with a concrete set of tools which they will be able to use with ease in their daily professional activities. Participants will feel more confident in playing a more active role in any professional and international meeting environment.


This training will engage participants directly to improve their communication skills relevant to decision-making processes within institutions and inter-institutionally. Given that European negotiations essentially take place in working parties, groups, committees, trilogues as well as multiple informal settings, communication, presentation and public speaking skills are central.

Methodology & Content

CENAD’s training methodology is resolutely “learning by doing” and focused on the learners. Realistic simulations and exercises are the vehicle to highlight and practice the techniques and skills favourable to the efficient management of constraints, pitfalls and difficulties during EU meetings. Simulations and exercises will be filmed and analyzed. Possible shortcomings will be identified. Immediate feedback by the trainer, tailor-made debriefings and presentation of effective and easily usable best practices will follow.

CENAD training seminars are highly practical and participatory with a mix of inputs from the participants, sharing of experience and ideas in the group, brainstorming, short interactive presentations, practical introductory exercises and reinforcement simulations followed by personalized debriefings and feedback by the trainer, consolidating both the learners’ reasoning and creative abilities through personal advice, effective tips and adequate coaching.

What you learn


  • Smoothly communicate in formal and informal environments
  • Read efficiently and communicate effectively
  • Improve public speaking skills
  • Learn and train to take the floor in an effective way in all kinds of situation
  • Take the floor appropriately in a negotiation
  • Communicate more efficiently in daily work environments (orally, formally and informally)
  • Opt for the appropriate structure for a given message
  • Be able to better structure one’s contributions
  • Become a better speaker (and a better listener!)
  • Recognize, compare and select various styles, behaviours and techniques
  • Tap into one’s untapped personal resources (mental and physical) at all stages
  • Better focus efforts in “real-world” situations likely to be encountered in meeting/negotiation environments
  • Fight against meeting fatigue (and fear)
  • Adapt to multicultural and multilingual environments


  • Take stock of current personal behaviours and meeting skills, build upon existing talent and improve competences while focusing on key communication and meeting skills which hold the promise of effective outcomes and efficient process management
  • Establish a “Meeting Toolbox” and easy-to-use techniques in order to foster performance self-confidence and to improve oral and written communication
  • Know how to nurture the right mind-set for meetings and presentations
  • Focus on priorities for encouraging and motivating results
  • Better manage one’s own intellectual and physical resources
  • Further develop capacities thanks to training insights and “take homes”
  • Model, duplicate and apply the best techniques used by successful communicators
  • Act appropriately and add more value to meetings
  • Better understand and be better understood
  • Convince more and influence better
  • Face unexpected situations and questions with ease
  • Easily remove communication barriers and manage stressful situations
  • Prevent conflict and misunderstandings in the room
  • Experience group synergies and the combining of individual inputs
  • Expand your professional network


This training is provided by Laurent Verrellen, CENAD associate and senior communication trainer & coach with 25 years of EU meetings experience. He will act as a facilitator, trainer, coach, teacher, helper, guide, motivator and provider of a rich source for learning


“Mr. Verrellen has a high level of expertise as a trainer in communication in the EU environment (both theoretical and practical). He is a good performer, and creates a positive and stimulating atmosphere during the training. He is involved and demanding for the participant”

The training he provided for us was scored high, with the average 4,7 point (scale min 1 max 5) and it was real fun.

Target group/participants

Practitioner professionals and interested persons from EU member states, institutions, private, public and civil society sectors dealing with European negotiation processes of various sorts. Group size is limited to a maximum of 10

Practical information

The training courses will take place in Brussels, Schuman District, in equipped training rooms providing modern teaching facilities (TV or projector) and wireless internet.

Tuition fee: the tuition fee is € 480 (VAT incl.), which includes participation and all course materials. Morning and afternoon refreshments as well as sandwich lunches are also included in the fee. Accommodation and travel costs are at the expense of participants.

Registration includes

  • Course delivery
  • CENAD Training materials
  • CENAD Speaking-in-a Meeting Handbook
  • Lunches, morning & afternoon refreshments
  • CENAD Training certificate

Group size: maximum number of participant is limited to 10 in order to guarantee true interactive and personal coaching/mentoring. In case the minimum number of 6 participants is not reached, options of reimbursement or re-registration to another session are proposed.

For more information

Centre for European Negotiation and Decision-making ‘CENAD’

Jonathan Weibel | +32 2 741 24 50


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