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Laurent Verrellen

Laurent Verrellen – Senior Communication & Management Consultant

Laurent Verrellen has a wide-ranging professional background: conference interpreter for over 20 years, actor, artistic consultant and a management/communication trainer since 1999.

His professional activities have implied observing and working closely with other professionals, oftentimes in situations where effective communication and management skills are crucial. He has seen the best and the……and has always been struck by how often persons endowed with unique resource expertise need to engage in public speaking. All too often, presentations fall flat and miss their targets simply because presenters do not possess the appropriate presentation skills to get the message through. The same applies to working with colleagues.

In his “Living Communication” seminars – individually or in groups – Laurent shares and formalizes the personal experience gained over the years as well as the knowledge acquired in various fields such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Transactional Analysis, Psychology and Speech Production. Practical and structured, these seminars let participants take stock, practice new skills applicable to them and move on with a toolbox of management and communication techniques. The added-value is a higher level of self-confidence and efficacy.

Laurent Verrellen is committed to the goal of helping public speakers communicate more efficiently, have a greater impact on their audiences and so do justice to their knowledge.