Jonathan D. Weibel

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Jonathan D. Weibel – Managing Director & Trainer

After graduating with a degree in International Relations from the University of Geneva and with a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship, Jonathan joined CENAD in 2010 as Programme Director and Facilitator while working for over a year as a Consultant and Trainer for the Iraqi Mission of the International Organisation for Migration (IOM).

His posting in the Middle East has led him to build a comprehensive and operational understanding of international relations, facilitation and project management.  Moreover, this allowed him to develop a deep understanding of international organizations and the work of the UN system on issues covering human rights, trade and development, health, migration and refugee protection as well as disaster relief.

As part of CENAD’s team, Jonathan has been delivering negotiation trainings and functioning as Managing Director and Facilitator in the European Union and the Middle East. His areas of speciality include international negotiation, mediation and conflict resolution, as well as crisis management and private sector negotiations.