Declan C. Kearney

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Declan C. Kearny

Declan C. Kearney – Senior Negotiation & Management Consultant & Trainer

Declan Kearney has a strong experience and understanding of the teaching and consulting professions, planning, organisation and handling of multilateral conferences at expert and ministerial level.

During his time as Associate Professor of Public Management at the European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA) in Maastricht, Declan developed a profound understanding of the functions of the EU institutions, their interdependencies and of the roles of EU member states in EU decision-making forums.

Declan has a comprehensive and detailed operational understanding of international relations and international consulting, facilitation and training including policy design and training implementation for all EU institutions, international organisations, national ministries, academic and public management institutions, diplomatic academies, industry and civil society. He has developed a strong understanding of the role of consulting and training and development in furthering the aims and objectives of public sector organizations and of the importance of such policies in improving overall performance and effectiveness.

Declan has also developed a deep understanding of the handling of multilateral meetings at expert and Ministerial levels. At an EU level, Declan has worked in a number of policy areas including advising the Commission on the restructuring of the European Customs Services, advising the Commission on development policy for newly emerging states, leading projects for the development of public sector administration in Eastern Europe and advising the Commission and Member State administrations on human resources issues. Declan also has experience working as a Consultant for the World Bank on development issues.