Team of Trainers

Robert J. Weibel
Robert J. WeibelFounding Director
Since 1986, Robert Weibel has designed and led intensive training seminars on international multilateral and bilateral negotiations, including conflict resolution, mediation and chairmanship.
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Franz Gundacker
Franz GundackerSenior Negotiation Consultant
Franz Gundacker has been involved in the planning, design and organization of international seminars, workshops and conferences since 1990, before joining CENAD in 2005.
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Laurent Verrellen
Laurent VerrellenSenior Consultant
Laurent Verrellen has been a conference interpreter for over 20 years. He is also actor, artistic consultant and management and communication trainer since 1999.
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Denis Colfer
Denis ColferSenior Negotiation Consultant
Denis Colfer has been involved in EU negotiations as member of the Department of Industry and Commerce. He has a deep understanding of the functions of the EU institutions.
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Jonathan D. Weibel
Jonathan D. WeibelManaging Director & Trainer
Jonathan Weibel has been delivering negotiation trainings and functioning as Programme Director and Facilitator in the European Union and the Middle East.
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Declan C. Kearney
Declan C. KearneySenior Consultant
Declan Kearny has a strong experience in teaching and consulting, as well as in planning, organisation and handling of multilateral conferences at expert and ministerial level.
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Ailsa Lee
Ailsa LeeAdministrative Manager
Ailsa is in charge of the secretariat and supports CENAD’s operations in planning, organizing, and implementing administrative systems.