Open Seminars

CENAD offers open seminars focusing on critical components of negotiation and mediation for practitioners seeking intensive comprehensive learning.

These highly practical and participatory seminars are designed for staff whose professional duties bring them into contact with negotiation processes of different sorts, whether bilateral, multilateral, formal or informal, technical and/or political.

Participants from a wide variety of professions and backgrounds have found these programmes uniquely relevant and invaluable.


2019 open registration seminars

EU Negotiations – Skills & Techniques Strategies & Tactics, Brussels – 19-20 September 2019

EU Negotiations – Skills & Techniques Strategies & Tactics, Brussels – 7-8 November 2019

Public Speaking & Presentation Skills for EU Meetings , Brussels – 19-20 November 2019



The Centre for European Negotiation and Decision-making, CENAD, provides highest quality capacity building expertise for international, national, non-state and business professionals involved in international negotiation and decision-making processes.

Negotiation trainings

CENAD provides “Negotiation Solutions for Practitioners” to national and international, public-sector and private entities whose representatives are involved in processes which require an ability to work smoothly and efficiently in various management and decision-making forums.


Expert trainers

CENAD is committed to work with a team of highly experienced practitioners and trainers in their respective fields. This enables CENAD to consistently provide qualitative, practical and implementable solutions and guidance for professionals and practitioners.

Commitments and Methods

  • Best capacity building expertise for professionals

  • Improved personal and collective performance in decision-making processes

  • Tailor-made trainings and simulations

  • Interactive “learning by doing” methodologies

  • Negotiation skills for “real world” practitioners

  • Personalized feedback techniques

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